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Strategies for Resilience – Mental Health Workshops with Impact

Investing in your team’s mental health with an effective mental health workshop is crucial for the sustainability & success of your organization. When employees struggle with their mental health, their productivity, engagement, and ability to communicate suffer. When mental health is not addressed in the workplace, it leads to more conflict, absenteeism, turnover, performance issues, and toxic company cultures. Good mental health includes good emotional health, social health, stress management, and our ability to be resilient in the face of challenges or change. The workshops I offer in the mental health space go beyond self-care, offering real tools for significant & positive change. Book a workshop today!

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Redefining mental health – an interview clip…

Sonya delivered an outstanding well-being presentation that left our audience feeling inspired and informed. Her ability to captivate the crowd and deliver engaging content was impressive. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights!
NERA, National Economic Research Associates

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The Mental Health Toolkit

—> Because a healthy team is a high-performing team

Perfect for: Leadership teams & all-employee trainings 

Description: The importance of mental health is moving more into the spotlight, but what does it mean to have good mental health? How do you support your team with practical tools for reducing stress & improving their mental health? This workshop redefines mental health and why it affects every one of us. It offers your employees simple tools and strategies for navigating stress, conflict, burnout & change. A mentally healthy team is a high-performing team.

Your team will learn

1. What mental health is & what it is not – we will break through the myths & misunderstandings of mental health

2. About the body’s underlying mechanisms that affect mental health & how to regulate these mechanisms to support well-being and reduce stress

3. A set of tools and simple practices that can be used to prevent chronic stress, improve mental health & help them tap into their optimal performance



(around mental health & wellness)

  • The Six Pillars of Mental Health – what the science says about the basics of self-care and how this is the foundation for optimal mental health
  • The Science of Safety – why psychological safety is the first step in creating a healthy and resilient workplace
  • Let’s Talk about Mental Health – the key to normalizing our natural stress responses & mental health challenges
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs!



(around mental health & wellness)

  • Wellness Retreat (in-person or virtual) – a 3-6 hour customized training program focused on mental wellness & building resilience
  • The Mental Health Toolkit (virtual) – a 12-week facilitated program for teams (90 min. facilitated session every other week with private podcast support in between sessions)
  • Private Podcast Courses (coming soon) – give your team a private podcast course they can access from their phones