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Strategies for Resilience – Mental Health Workshops with Impact

Investing in your team’s mental health & wellness is crucial for the sustainability & success of your organization. Your team’s mental health is directly connected to their productivity, engagement, creativity, cohesion, and capacity to handle stress & change. With Sonya’s mental health & wellness workshops, you can give your team the tools to reduce stress, improve their mental health & expand their capacity for change.

Sonya’s mental health & wellness workshops offer: 

Clarity around what mental health means and why it matters

Education about the body’s underlying mechanisms that affect mental health

Simple tools to reduce stress & support well-being  

What it means to practice good mental health & where to start

Practical & effective strategies for improving mental health

Audiences love the way Sonya simplifies & clarifies mental health. She makes it practical to practice good mental health, offering simple & effective strategies your team can implement today.

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Watch Sonya in Action

Mental Health & Wellness Videos

This is a short sample of Sonya’s most popular mental health & wellness event, The Mental Health Toolkit. In this video, she dives into the foundation for good mental health and the six pillars of self-care. This event was delivered virtually.

In this interview clip, Sonya discusses redefining mental health and moving away from previous misconceptions about mental health. This is a great topic for panels or fireside chats.

Stress is a key component of mental health and good mental health requires learning to regulate the nervous system. This is the third video in a 4-part series covering how important it is to learn to regulate the nervous system. You can watch the whole series here.  

Sonya delivered an outstanding well-being presentation that left our audience feeling inspired and informed. Her ability to captivate the crowd and deliver engaging content was impressive. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights!

NERA, National Economic Research Associates

Virtual Workshop

Most Popular

Mental Health & Wellness Workshop

Sonya’s Signature workshop

The Mental Health Toolkit

—> Because a healthy team is a high-performing team

Perfect for: All-employee training, conferences, retreats, Lunch ‘n’ Learn programs or leadership teams. 

Description: This 60-minute virtual or in-person workshop redefines mental health and provides a simple framework for reducing stress & improving mental health. Your participants will gain tools for regulating the body & brain and daily mental health micro-practices. Expand this workshop for conferences & retreats to include more participant engagement and interaction.

Key takeaways

Understanding how your body, brain & nervous system are the key to mental health
The foundation for good mental health & the 6 pillars of self-care
3 simple tools for regulating the body, brain & nervous system
3 examples of daily micro-practices for good mental health


Sonya did a great job speaking about emotions & emotional intelligence. She gave practical advice to employees on how to manage stressors and to raise their emotional intelligence. She handled employee questions effortlessly. She has a calm presence that invites people to open up.

Federal Home Loan Banks

In-Person Workshop

Other Offerings

Mental Health Workshop Topics



(around mental health & wellness)

  • Redefining Mental Health – an interactive event that builds mental health allies in each other
  • The Six Pillars of Mental Health – what the science says about the basics of self-care and the path to optimal mental wellness
  • Beating Burnout & Building Resilience – The keys to putting the brake on stress & burnout. See more stress-focused events
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs! All events are virtual or in-person.


(around mental health & wellness)

  • Wellness Retreat (in-person or virtual) – a customized half or full-day retreat focused on mental health & wellness
  • Wellness Sprint (virtual) – a 2-week facilitated program that includes 2 virtual events with a 10-day challenge in between (delivered via email or private podcast)
  • Private Podcast Courses (coming soon) – a private podcast course that can be accessed from your favorite podcast app
  • Customized Wellness Packages – combine offerings to have a complete toolbox to manage stress & improve mental health