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Weekly strategies for stress management & mental health

Get simple and practical steps for managing stress and improving your mental health. Each week, you get education, resources, tools, and tips for navigating work and life challenges. As a stress management coach and corporate wellness trainer, I am used to taking complex topics from psychology, neuroscience, business & leadership development, and bringing them down into simple micro-practices and steps you can incorporate easily into your daily routine. A few of the things included in this email series:

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An in-depth look at stress management, mental health & resilience 

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      Why Wellness?

      ~ Sonya’s Story ~


      Wellness has always been a cornerstone of my life & work

      I grew up in a very health-conscious home, at least physically. I ate organic food in the 70s, wasn’t allowed sugar, was introduced to alternative healing, and grew up making wellness & self-development a key part of my life & work. But I also experienced an extreme amount of stress, lack of safety & instability. For most of my life, I didn’t understand the impact stress had on every area of my life. 

      —> I just kept going! I was a high achiever & determined to create everything I wanted. I refused to slow down, give up, or rest.

      I hit burnout multiple times. I still refused to quit. There wasn’t one pivotal moment that changed me, but a gradual wearing down of my energy, health challenges & a determination to find a different way to live. Over the years, I realized that mental wellness & stress management are a huge part of achieving true success.

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        I have worked with thousands of people over the last 24 years in business, start-ups, and corporates. I watched them struggle with their performance & optimal health (physically, emotionally & mentally). No matter how much “success” they achieved, they felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and limited. Many times they never reached the definition of success because their body or soul gave out before they could make it. 

        Eventually, I made it my mission to redefine success & to focus on helping my clients achieve wellness. When I define wellness, it is closer to resilience. I want to help people have tools and practices that will support them to reduce stress, improve their mental health & experience more aliveness. 

        And articles are a great medium. In these articles are step-by-step approaches to taking wellness into your own hands. 

        Whether you dive into one of my written articles or video series articles, you can get perspectives & tools to support you on your way to success. 

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        MY MISSION

        To help the world achieve wellness by expanding its capacity for handling adversity, stress & change. To help individuals & organizations build resilience. To offer accessible tools for improving mental health, reducing stress & living more fully. 

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