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A podcast that truly values women

I’m so excited about this podcast! I have been a fan of Sonya’s Women in the Business Arena podcast for years and I can’t think of anyone better to help women everywhere settle back into their feminine magic and reclaim their worth and power (by S.K.)


Important discussions for everyone to hear

I came to this podcast through Sonya’s other podcast (Women in the Business Arena). This is not just a podcast for women – it’s themes and ideas that everyone can benefit from. Our modern world is geared towards a more masculine approach (doing, goal-setting, achieving, hustling, etc) and it’s not balanced or sustainable for us as humans! This podcast is part of a really important movement to reclaim the gifts of the feminine (by Sadfacepower) 

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I have been an advocate for women & girls for decades. I spent the last 20+ years working directly with women around business, leadership & self-development. I started my business program more than 4 years ago to offer women a different way to work. I have a long-time podcast called Women in the Business Arena™, a new podcast called The Feminine Lens™ and a TEDx talk called Moving Beyond #Empowerment. I live in Austin, Texas (and sometimes worldwide) with my husband and two children.


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