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Why my Corporate Workshops for Productivity are Different

Most corporate workshops designed to increase productivity focus on traditional goal-setting, planning, controlling habits, or time management. They don’t take into account the impact that our emotions, nervous systems, mental health & emotional intelligence have on our productivity. Without this broader view, productivity solutions are just temporary and real change is lost. My productivity workshops center around emotional intelligence & mental health which are truly the key to enhancing your team’s productivity & performance.

Facts about Productivity

Why having corporate workshops for productivity matters…

Current statistics about productivity:
  • The average employee is productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes a day. That’s only 31% of the average 8-hour workday
  • Engaged employees are 21% more productive, but 85% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work, resulting in $7 trillion in lost productivity
  • 86% of executives cite ineffective communication as a major source of productivity failures & 45% percent of people said lack of trust in leadership was the biggest issue impacting their work performance
  • Employees with unresolved depression suffer a 35% reduction in productivity, anxiety significantly affects focus, & mental health issues are becoming one of the number one barriers to team productivity


—> How are you navigating the struggle with engagement, communication, and mental health issues in your organization? Maybe it is time to call in an expert.

emotional intelligence workshops improve leadership
emotional intelligence workshops create better leadership and cohesive teams
emotional intelligence improves team performance
What increases productivity in the workplace?
  • Addressing well-being at work increases productivity by as much as 12% – successful companies increasingly have to address work/life balance, mental health and personal development for their employees
  • Stress reduction strategies have a massive impact on productivity – and save an average of $600 per employee, per year. After a Motorola manufacturing facility provided training in stress management and emotional intelligence, 93% of employees had an increase in productivity.
  • Motivated workers outperform those with low engagement by 202% – this means sparking creativity, inspiration & internal motivation in your team & finding ways to align values
  • Employees who use their strengths see an 8 percent boost in productivity – another reason why strengths-based training is so important
  • 85% of people believe trust is important to have a high-performing team, and connected employees give organizations a 20-25% productivity increase – creating psychological safety & building trust are key to productivity


—> How many of these solutions are you currently implementing? Maybe it is time to engage a speaker & trainer who tackles these topics.

sonya stattmann delivering an emotional intelligence workshop
My Workshops & Keynotes

The corporate workshops I offer that boost productivity …



(Perfect for all employee events or employee resource groups – 60-90 min)

  • The Science of Well-Being – why traditional “self-care” isn’t enough & 5 steps to managing your stress & mental health (talk)
  • Beyond Just Goal Setting to Goal Getting – the right way to set goals & spark motivation! (workshop)
  • The Power of Focus – a beginners guide to mindfulness & attention training (workshop)
We can also customize a talk or workshop for your needs!



(Great for Leadership or HR teams – 90 min-2 hours)

  • Everyday Resilience – tools & strategies for leaders & HR teams working for the well-being of others (workshop or talk)
  • The Science of Motivation – how to tap into your team’s intrinsic motivation, align values & build a culture people want to be a part of (workshop or talk)
  • The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit – a set of resources for your managers & leaders (workshop)



(Virtual or in-person training for your team – 16 hours)

  • Building Resiliency – a course for preventing burnout, navigating stress, and building the capacity for change
  • An Emotionally Intelligent Workplace – A powerful training for your whole team which includes understanding emotions, learning to self-regulate, effective communication, and learning to work better together



(Private podcasts for additional learning (Coming soon))

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