EP 16: Embodiment – The Path to Your Superpowers

Another beautiful month, another beautiful topic!

I am so looking forward to exploring this month’s topic with you because I think it is one of the most overlooked ideas in the business world. It is also one of the topics that is most aligned with the feminine, which is probably a big reason it is often ignored!

This month our conversations are all going to center around embodiment: what it means, how it feels, and why it is so important, especially for women in business.

If this is a concept that you are not familiar with yet, don’t worry! I will share several frameworks & definitions of embodiment in this episode so that you can find one that resonates with you.

It is all about getting back in touch with your body, building self-trust and realizing that your body has a lot more wisdom than the world wants to give it credit for.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Why I am spending a month on the topic of embodiment & why I believe it is so important
  • Some frameworks you can use to think about being embodied
  • How being in connection & communication with our bodies allows us to tap into our superpowers
  • Why the rational, thinking mind is so prized in our society and what we lose when we leave our bodies behind
  • How I see a lack of embodiment manifest in challenges for women
  • Why our body has a direct line to our truest wisdom
  • My own experience reconnecting with my body after 20+ years of unacknowledged pain
  • How to start building awareness of how your body feels and what to do with this knowledge

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About Sonya Stattmann

Sonya spent the last 21 years helping thousands of leaders create more ease, alignment & success in their lives, work & business. Her personal development & leadership programs offer leaders permanent & lasting transformation that has a ripple effect on all areas of their lives. Her corporate speaking and workshops around leadership transform organizations. She has two podcasts and a TEDx talk called Moving Beyond #Empowerment. She is currently traveling around the world with her husband and two children.

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