Rediscovering Your Strengths and Releasing Expectations with Kourtney Thomas

Are you working in your zone of excellence, or your zone of genius? With your learned skills, or your innate ones?

This is a fundamental question to answer if you want a business that feels full of ease, inspiration and fulfillment rather than burnout and frustration.

As part of our month on strengths & genius, I have the honor of chatting with brilliant self-discovery coach Kourtney Thomas all about living & working from your natural strengths.

We talk about building a business around your innate talents (rather than your learned skills), what happens when we let go of expectations, and Kourtney’s favorite strategies for getting back in touch with your strengths and desires.

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About Sonya Stattmann

Sonya has spent the last 24 years working with thousands of individuals, leaders & organizations around personal development. She offers resilience-based tools for stress management, mental wellness, navigating change, and dealing with relationship challenges. She currently works 1:1 with founders, leaders & high achievers through her stress management coaching program. She also offers wellness & resilience workshops for teams. She also hosts both public and private podcasts. Her mission is to help individuals and teams build more resilience and navigate adversity, change & stress more effectively. She currently resides in the USA, but you can often find her and her family traveling the globe.