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I am so lucky to have Shondell Varcianna, owner of Varci Media, with me to discuss wealth, worthiness and business on this week’s podcast! Shondell is the owner of Varci Media, a content writing company that helps financial institutions save time by creating content that speaks to their target audience.  In this episode Shondell shares […]
It is common to experience shame, frustration, guilt and unworthiness when we think about or interact with money. Many of us dismiss these little-T traumas, but when we leave them unaddressed they seriously add up. Combine that with all of the messaging women receive about being “bad with money” and you can see why a […]
Time for a new monthly topic on The Feminine Lens: women, wealth & worthiness.  In this week’s episode I am laying the foundation for our discussions this month. I will share some statistics that show why discussing wealth is SO important and talk about my own journey to embracing wealth as part of my vision. […]
To talk all about core impulses and business, I am joined by the lovely Bec Ampt! Bec is the Creative Director for Conscious Creative Studio and she has been one of my clients for a while now.  Bec and I chat about setting goals from desire instead of fear, creating a sense of ownership over […]
I’m really excited to be joined by three of my amazing clients to talk about integrating their desires and embodied experiences into their own unique visions for their lives & businesses.  Merrilee, Michel, Louise and I had a really fascinating conversation about why desire can feel dangerous or unattainable for some of us and what […]
Welcome back to our month all about desire + vision! This week I wanted to explore the physical aspects of desire with our resident mental health expert Laura Shook-Guzman. In this episode, we explore the physical sensations that accompany desire and why they are different for each of us. We also dive into the growing understanding […]
Here we are at the dawn of a new year!  This month, we are diving into the relationship between desire and vision. I think there is a lot of misunderstanding around how to create a vision, and if you are someone who struggles to actually make your vision come to life, the feminine lens has […]
I’m so honored to have the amazing Sunshine Kamaloni on The Feminine Lens™ with me this week! Sunshine is a doctor, author and racial equity consultant. We have worked together on her business, so I have had a front row seat watching her journey of learning to balance a very logical, masculine perspective with the […]
I have been spending the first few episodes of the podcast outlining the foundations of this perspective before diving into deep exploration. (Make sure you check out last week’s episode about why the world needs this perspective if you missed it!) This time I want to dig into what makes it so worthwhile to get […]
Why is it so important for the world to embrace a feminine lens? I jumped right into this new podcast with some amazing conversations about how the feminine lens can be used, but I thought it was important to go back and answer this fundamental question.  Throughout the month of December we’ll be talking about […]

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