Panel – Breaking Patriarchal Molds in Business & Creating a Better Future

This month is such a treat because we have a group of total powerhouse women together to dish all about wealth, worthiness, and doing business with a feminine lens! 

My guests are the amazing Ifeoma “Iffy” Ibekwe (@thejustincaselawyer), Jess Joswick (@backbonebusiness), and Meghan Corneal (@wildhearthfeminist).

We talked about where women get their ideas about wealth & worthiness and why we have to deprogram these often negative beliefs. We also chat about the importance of taking a holistic approach to business and carving out space for joy, rest, hobbies and connection. 

We also debunk the idea of “glass-ceiling feminism” and how we can learn to be guided by our innate worthiness – not somebody else’s idea about what we should be doing or who we should be.

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